Will There Ever Be A Mac Version of BibleWorks?

Mac users familiar with BibleWorks regularly request our company to develop a version of BibleWorks for their platform. While we appreciate this interest very much, we have chosen not to produce a Macintosh version, for the following reasons.

First, high-end products similar to BibleWorks already serve the Macintosh market. We deem it best not to introduce new competition with those who already serve the Macintosh market in a way that is currently satisfactory.

Secondly, while BibleWorks does not have a specific Macintosh version, it can and does, for many of our customers, run well on certain Macintosh computers with a Windows emulator installed. MacBooks or iMacs can run
VirtualPC, which, in turn, according to many users runs BibleWorks quite capably. For Intel-based Macs, we suggest investigation of the emulators described and reviewed here.

BibleWorks comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee when obtained
directly from BibleWorks. If you purchase a BibleWorks license from us but cannot get it to work with your Windows emulator, you may return BibleWorks for a refund (shipping not included).

Our free BibleWorks forums are a good source of information for people who want to hear from others who are running BibleWorks on Macs. See the paragraph under "Try It Out"
here for links to Mac information on the forums.

We appreciate and are complimented by the kind suggestions and the sincere motivation of those who would like to see more people obtaining access to BibleWorks. But our adding the staff necessary to develop and maintain a Mac version would increase BibleWorks prices for everyone. If we keep our costs and therefore prices low, more and more people will indeed eventually have access to the excellent capabilities BibleWorks has to offer. In this way, these people will have a product that will grow with them as God leads them further into the blessings of sincere and deep study of His incomparable Word.

Last update - RRG/April 14, 2011

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