How Soon Will BibleWorks Be Available in Languages Other Than English?

We appreciate that having BibleWorks dialogs, online help, and other resources in languages other than English will be of significant assistance to many customers.

Consistent with our company policy to control costs and keep the BibleWorks price as low as possible, though, we need to change the dialogs in the most efficient way, which is to revise the entire program to replace English character strings with unique identifiers that can then be replaced at installation time with strings from another language.

Translating the help and other resources is an even larger task that, like any other translation, must be done word by word and phrase by phrase. We are continually looking at the cost of this enhancement and will include it when its cost can be justified. Contributing to this cost justification will be the existence of a significant customer base in that language and/or a significant market for the product in that language. Such significant changes must be made at the time of a major version release, though we were not in a position to do this for BibleWorks 9.

In the meantime, some tutorial material in other languages is available through the links provided in the
FAQ on learning BibleWorks.

Last updated: RRG/MC/October 14, 2011

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15th of March, 2012

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