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How Do I Update the BibleWorks Mac Installer?
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If you already have the Mac Installer (formerly the Mac Public Preview)  installed or you have upgraded your Mac OS, here is how to update BibleWorks  to gain fixes to some known issues. (If you have been having difficulty opening BibleWorks, please skip A. and B. proceed directly to C.).

A. Within BibleWorks, click on Help | About BibleWorks.

B. Check the full number listed under "Version."  If the number indicated within the parentheses is MCW 10-38 or higher (BibleWorks 10) or MCW 9r3-30 or higher (BibleWorks 9), you already have the updated BW Mac Installer installed.

** C. To update the BW Mac Installer to a newer version or to fix the difficulty opening BibleWorks proceed as follows: **

  1. IMPORTANT. Close all programs and restart your Mac. Do not run BibleWorks before proceeding to the next step.

  2. Open a Finder window, go to Applications, and delete BibleWorks. This does NOT delete your installation or user files. It only moves the BibleWorks Mac Installer layer to the Trash...

  3. a) For BibleWorks 10, click here to download the BW10 Mac Installer. [~93MB, updated 2017-04-25]
        BibleWorks 10 requires OS X 10.8 and higher. If you are using OS X 10.7
        you will have to use version MCW 10-20

    b) For BibleWorks 9,
    click here to download the BW9 Mac Installer. [~70MB, updated 2015-10-01]

  4. Run the BW Mac Installer dmg that you just downloaded.

  5. It will instruct you to drag and copy the BibleWorks package to the OS X Applications folder. Click on the BibleWorks icon in the window and drag it onto the Applications folder in the window.

  6. If it says “An item named BibleWorks already exists...” , select Replace.

  7. Once the update is finished installing, close the installer window.

  8. Run BibleWorks as usual. If you were directed here to address a crash of BibleWorks 10, return to the previous page by clicking HERE.

  9. After BibleWorks has fully started, you should see MCW 10-38 (BibleWorks 10) or  MCW 9r3-30 (BibleWorks 9)  under Help | About.

D. If you have not already enabled the Mac Hebrew keyboard, please enable the Mac Hebrew keyboard (this step enables Unicode typing in Notes/Editor tab) as follows:

  1. On the top/main menubar, click the Apple item and select System Preferences.

  2. Select Keyboard (in OS X 10.8 and earlier Language &Text).

  3. Select Input Sources.

  4. Click the + button to add more Input Sources (does not apply in OS X 10.8 and earlier).

  5. Select Hebrew - QWERTY  (if you desire, you can select one of the other Hebrew keyboards instead)

  6. Close the Keyboard window (or Language & Text window in OS X 10.8 and earlier).

E. Open BibleWorks on your Mac.

F. Go to the BibleWorks menu and select Help | Check for updates (not the Apple menu if you have BibleWorks 9 and use the submenu Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates). Apply the latest BibleWorks Executable update. The program will restart after applying any updates.

 Last Updated: MT/MC January 31, 2017