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How Can I Run BibleWorks 9 (native Mac Installer) on High Sierra (macOS 10.13)?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-03045 Views: 232 Created: 2017-09-29 18:08 Last Updated: 2017-10-16 15:49 0 Rating/ Voters

Appleā€™s High Sierra macOS update is compatible with BibleWorks 10, but it is not compatible with the native BibleWorks 9 for Mac.

When running the BibleWorks 9 Native Mac version on High Sierra, you may receive the message "Initialization Failure. CrossOver is unable to initialize a critical component. Failed to import cxutils module into Python. See console for errors."

We are still investigating if something can be done for the Mac Installer for BibleWorks 9. Many, many substantial improvements have been made in the BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer.

For users who need to run BibleWorks 9 for Mac on High Sierra, we highly recommend you upgrade to BibleWorks 10, but in the meantime, we offer the following workaround.

  1. IMPORTANT: Close BibleWorks and restart your Mac.
  2. Download the BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer dmg here:
  3. Run the BibleWorks Mac installer. It will likely have been downloaded to your Downloads folder.
  4. It will instruct you to drag and copy the BibleWorks package to the OS X Applications folder as seen in the image below. Click on the BibleWorks icon in the window and drag it onto the Applications folder in the window. NOTE: If asked if you want to Keep both or Replace, please select Replace.

  5. Open a Finder window, go to the Applications folder, and run BibleWorks 10.
  6. Ignore the BibleWorks 10 installation window that appears. Instead, from the main menu, select BibleWorks |Run Command
  7. In the Run Command window that appears, click Browse.
  8. In the file selection window that appears, go to drive_c | Program Files | BibleWorks 9
  9. Double-click on bw900.exe. This will select the BibleWorks 9 executable and return you to the Run Command window.
  10. In the Run Command window, click the Run button.  This will launch BibleWorks 9.

Please note that BibleWorks 9 for Mac is not supported on High Sierra. We highly recommend users upgrade to BibleWorks 10 at